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In the Learning Programme participants are making use of the ground breaking work done by Meester Pedro Dâusab titled Teach yourself Nama.

The following link here is provided by Department of Cultural Affairs and Sports (Language Unit)


Nama 1 Nama 2 Nama 3 Nama 4 Nama 5 Nama 6 Nama 7 Nama 8 Nama 9 Nama 10 Nama 11 Nama 12 Nama 13 Nama 14 Nama 15 Nama 16 Nama 17 Nama 18 Nama 19


Khoekhoegowab Manual_21MARCH2014 Khoekhoegowab Manual_21MARCH20144 Khoekhoegowab Manual_21MARCH201444 Khoekhoegowab Manual_21MARCH2014444 Khoekhoegowab Manual_21MARCH20144444 Khoekhoegowab Manual_21MARCH201444444 Khoekhoegowab Manual_21MARCH2014444444 Khoekhoegowab Manual_21MARCH20144444444

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