Learning Material

Learning Material

The basic idea of the language learning blog is to enhance the Khoekhoegowab presence online and to create user friendly material (text, audio, video and picture dictionaries) to assist anyone interested to learn the basics of this language.

This also offers a method of self-practice and self-study in lessons specially designed to work with the way the mind naturally acquires language information. Lessons are themed and offers correct spelling, grammar and (with the aid of the audio links) pronunciation drills.  All exercises, instructions and explanations are recorded and the focus of these materials are to teach you to understand and speak the language.

This initiative is specially designed for people with no or very little competence in Khoekhoegowab, and will therefore not be suitable for a first language speaker of Khoekhoegowab. The material provided is courtesy of Meester Pedro Dâusab and the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport in the Western Cape.

The Learning Material for Khoekhoegowab is divided in 5 sections

1. Audio https://khoekhoegowab.wordpress.com/weekly-photo-journal/aitsama-namagowaba-khakhasen/

2. Text https://khoekhoegowab.wordpress.com/weekly-photo-journal/text/

3. Video https://khoekhoegowab.wordpress.com/weekly-photo-journal/video/

4. Picture Dictionary



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